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And the winner is.......

Wow, what an incredible end to our 2016/17 Winter Series!! With the eBuggy and Truggy National, which was also scheduled for Sunday, being cancelled, some of those guys looking for somewhere to race came down to SCRC. This meant our usual number of around 20-25 drivers jumped up to 44! A truly fantastic turnout which made for a great day of racing.

We had Kevin Brunsden join us along with most of Team MCR and many other new faces, hopefully we will see some of you back again soon!

As we have come to expect with the Winter races, the track started off very damp. However the forecast for the day was good so we all expected the track to start to dry at some point, however it never really did. In fact as the day went on and more nitro went down on the racing lines, it probably got slicker!

Other than lack of grip the only other certainty on the day was that Kevin Brunsden would be quick! He has previously held top spot on our Stig Table so has form at SCRC. No records broken this time as the track just wasn't sticky enough, that said Mr Brunsden was consistently a couple of seconds quicker per lap than everyone else - where did he get that grip from!?

The rest of the field was fairly tight and quite a few drivers had the pace to potentially sneak into the A Main.

In terms of on the day winner there was not really any doubting who would take it, but 2nd and 3rd were up for grabs and more importantly it was all to drive for to decide final positions in the winter series. Gary Newman and Rob Woodrow were tied for the lead, with Gary needing to better his worst score of 97 and Rob his worst of 95 in order to divide the two for final honours. While the scrap was still on for 3rd between Peter Clarke and Glyn Peart.

Glyn drove a great race and finished 3rd on the day, Peter on the other hand suffered mechanical problems and had to retire! Luckily for Peter though Glyn's fantastic 3rd place left him just 1 point short, handing the 3rd place trophy to Peter!

In trying to live up to his track nickname of Jenson Button, the master of making the crucial tyre decision, Rob made the rather bold call of going for minipins in the final! This was not the right decision, visibly struggling for grip with under steer at every corner. Gary on the other hand had made some positive tweeks to his truggy and was getting slightly more grip than in the earlier rounds. So after an eventful 15 minutes the results were in! Unbelievably the two drivers were still tied on points, neither driver managing to improve on their lowest score from previous rounds! However there did have to be a winner, using count back to split them....... this year's winter champion ...... Rob Woodrow.

Round 6:

1st Kevin Brunsden

2nd Richard Salomonsen

3rd Glyn Peart

Winter Series 2017:

1st Rob Woodrow

2nd Gary Newman

3rd Peter Clarke

Thanks to all those who attended through the series, especially those who completed 4 or more to bag a trophy!

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