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Great racing in round 6 of the winter series

The track allowed everyone to show their pace this weekend with the first properly dry event since last October. A real novelty to be choosing tyres other than 'spirals'! Well done to Dave Rolls who took the win with his Agama, closely followed by Adrian in his electric Mugen. The last place on the podium went to Michael Hezsely. The B final was dominated by the SCRC committee, 1st was Gary Newman (MP9e), 2nd Bernie Wija (XB9) and 3rd Steve Hamilton (MP9). All of them benefitting from Rob W not being there to kick their collective butt!

Work begins on rostrum extension

As you will by now be aware, South Coast RC has been given the honour of hosting Round 1 of the 2016 SRS. In order to get the already fantastic facilities up to SRS standards, one of the tasks has been to extend the rostrum to accomodate more drivers. Adrian, Martin, Gary, Steve and a few others started work on it this weekend, looking great already!

Winter Series Round 6 - this Sunday (28/2/2016)

Hot on the heels of round 5 we are bashing out round 6 of the SCRC winter series. With the summer series scheduled to start in a few weeks we need to get the spiral king crowned and move on to see who will be the master of the mini-pin.... Please use the race registration page to book in your details, this is not necessary but does help us at race control to get a head start when booking in drivers....

Winter Series Round 5

At long last we actually got to have the next round of the 2015 Winter Series! The weather on the day and in the lead up was good enough to mean the car park was sound and the track was clear of standing water. Lots of new faces joined in the fun but it was one of the old faces that took the win, well done to Adrian Tanner who had to fight from the very back to take 1st. Martin Thomas also had to battle hard as he was involved in the same incident as Adrian on the first bend, however despite his best efforts, Rob Woodrow managed to hold on to 2nd. Full results on the results page.

SCRC Summer Challenge Cup 2016

The 2016 SCRC Summer Challenge Cup kicks off with round 1 of 13 on April 3rd, get practicing for what is sure to be a very interesting season of racing as new racers try and topple the establishment elite!

SCRC to host Round 1 of SRS

Thanks to all the hard work of the committee our track and facilities are now good enough to be part of the SRS series this year, we have been given the honour of hosting Round 1 of the prestigious event on the 17th April 2016

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