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SCRC Summer Challange Series Round 3

Round 3 completed at SCRC and what a fantastic day it was. The weather was incredible, what you hope for when competing in a summer series! Clear blue skies and extremely warm. This wasn't great for the electric boys as they don't like getting too hot, efficiency takes a hit and so do run times. Unlucky Mark Harding and Glyn Peart, both having their finals cut short due to dead batteries!

Fantastic turn out and some great racing in all 3 finals. Kelvin Tate, did fantastically well to bump all the way from the C to the A, with a car change for the B. Unfortunately for him problems with the borrowed car meant he couldn't take his well deserved place in the A line up.

Rob Woodrow made pole in the A final, pole or last usually being good places to start to avoid the inevitable first bend carnage, however not this time as a knock and roll on to his roof left him dead last! This left the door open for Andy Tanner and Tony Scott to lead the way for the first few laps, however Rob wasn't finished and was soon up with them tussling for the lead. The consistency of Rob 'Jenson' Woodrow paid off though ending up a lap ahead of the field for his second series win.

Final Results

1st Robert Woodrow

2nd Andy Tanner

3rd Gary Newman

Next round is 19th June!

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