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Southern Surface Clash 2019/20

Southern Surface Clash!!

A new winter series for 2019/20, Dirt v Astro, Slip v Grip, Rough v Smooth... CLANFIELD v SCRC!!!! These two great clubs will this year be hosting the very first Southern Surface Clash Inter-Club Series.

6 rounds in total, 3 at South Coast RC, 3 at Clanfield.

You will be competing for yourself and your nominated club (you must compete for the same club at each round)! All rounds will score points for the club competition while for the individual honours your best 4 will count.

However, the twist here being your 4 will be made up from your best 2 at each club!

In each round the points of the top 5 drivers from each club will be used towards the club series total. If a round has less than 5 drivers for one or both clubs then the numbers of 'counted' drivers will be equal to the club with the lower entry number plus one.

So if in one round SCRC has 11 drivers and Clanfield fields 7 the top 5 from each will count. If SCRC has 12 drivers but Clanfield only has 3, then the top 4 from each club will count (3+1). This means that if one of the clubs cannot field enough drivers for a round it will be at a disadvantage but only by a maximum of one drivers score.

We will be running mixed, truggy and buggy, either nitro or electric. Each round will consist of 4 qualifiers (6 mins) and finals (15mins).

Trophies for overall top 3 individuals plus winning club. The club trophy will be engraved with the winning club and will be held by that club for a year, at which point it will be contested again!

The all important dates for your diary...

Round 1 October 20th @CLANFIELD

Round 2 November 3rd @SCRC

Round 3 December 1st @CLANFIELD

Round 4 January 12th @SCRC

Round 5 February 16th @CLANFIELD

Round 6 April 5th @SCRC

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