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Team SCRC @ SRS Round 5 - Clanfield

The great weather we have been having seemed to break this week with a wet and windy time for most. Poor timing in the lead up to the penultimate round of SRS 2016! Luckily for all involved Sunday was a much calmer day, the wind had dropped significantly and rain would stay away right up until the closing stages of the A main.

SouthCoast RC were out in force, Rob Woodrow, Jeff Humby, and Gary Newman in the eBuggy class, Pete Gray and Kelvin Tate in nitro and not forgetting Bernie Wija competing in both electric and nitro.

Not a particularly smooth start for any of us, Rob and Jeff both retiring from the first round and all of us finding out that our PTs were not compatible with the Clanfield timing system, as none of us had registered a time! Luckily by round 2 we had all managed to beg borrow or steal something to get us appearing on the computer!

Considering we are all much more at home on our super smooth, high grip astro, all of the team drove really well. Kelvin yet again got the bump to B final after driving a stormer of a C. Pete's personal mission was to try and win a tenner from Kelvin (he failed) and to clear the entire middle section in one jump (failed again)!

In the electric final Jeff suffered a fatal crash to end his race early while Bernie didn't make it to the start line after experiencing last second glitch with his radio gear. That left it to Rob and Gary to prop up the E final, with Rob just ahead right up until the last lap!

Anyway, all great fun, the racing is almost secondary to the laughs and the banter at these events so always come away smiling!

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