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Summer Series Round 4 Report

Well it seems like ages ago we held the last round of our summer series! In fact it is nearly 2 months since round 3, so we were all eager to get racing!

The weather however was not so keen and tried its best to spoil our fun! The forecast for Sunday itself was great, dry and fairly warm, the problem was the day before! On first inspection on the Sunday morning it was not looking good with lots of standing water. We knew the rest of the day was going to be dry so decided it was worth the effort in clearing the water rather than cancelling. Lots of brushing, squeegeeing, bucket scraping, digging and a delayed start later and we were good to go!

Thanks to all of you that came down and were patient enough to wait, definitely worth it and we were all rewarded with an excellent days racing.

Both the A and B finals saw some superb close racing. In the B it was Ian Dudman who set the pace, getting a good start and showing fantastic consistency. Martin on the other hand did not get away so well, but he kept fighting and was soon closing in on the leader! This chase continued for many laps, both driving really well on such a wet track. Martin's determination was rewarded when with only a few minutes to go Ian took a tumble on the approach to the first corner. Martin took full advantage and cruised home for the bump up spot!

The A final was going to be just as close, looking like a 3 way battle between Rob, Gary and Glyn. For the first few laps this played with the top 3 swapping positions. A touch between Gary and Glyn going over the washboard delayed both of them and that gave Rob the chance to get a bit of clear track behind him. The racing continued between Gary and Glyn for a bit longer until Gary unfortunately had a couple of delayed marshal responses leaving him with too much work to do. Just as Martin did in the B, Glyn kept plugging away and was just a few seconds away coming around the last few corners. However Rob took the win, flattered slightly by just managing to sneak in that last lap! Great drive for Tony Scott, getting the last podium spot in 3rd. This rounded off a great day for Team MCR bagging 2 of the 3 top spots.

Well done to everyone and thank you for your continued support. The next summer round will be 27th August and don't forget we will also be hosting the summer nights series - keep an eye on FB for rearranged times.

A Final:

1st Rob Woodrow

2nd Glyn Peart

3rd Tony Scott

B Final:

1st Martin Lovell

2nd Ian Dudman

3rd Gary Long

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