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Summer Series 2017 Results

The 2017 Summer Series is now over! Thank you to all of you that came and raced at SCRC over the course of the last 6 months, especially those that made the effort to complete 4 rounds to qualify for trophies! The SCRC committee are really grateful for your commitment as without you guys coming to support the events then there would be no club!

The last round was well attended and as such was a great day of racing. Unfortunately the weather turned for the A final and we had rain to contend with. This made for an interesting race as the tyre choice was key. It looked like the rain wouldn't last so some went out on Pins whilst other made the switch to spirals. While it did dry out with about 6 minutes to go, with the grip coming in big time this did not leave enough time to make up the ground lost during the wet first half of the race. This played into the hands of the truggy drivers who of course use the same tyres wet or dry!

On the day:

B Final

1st Lionel Croucher

2nd Gary Long

3rd Simon Asquith

A Final

1st Glyn Peart

2nd Tony Scott

3rd Rob Woodrow

The win from Glyn meant he leap frogged Gary Newman to end up with 2nd place over all, well done Glyn

Final Results 2017

1st Rob Woodrow

2nd Glyn Peart

3rd Gary Newman

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